St. Louis, MO // Aug 27th

PsBattle: My Friend and Her Cat


can we just talk about how the little girl is dressed just like harry


thats unbearably adorable

(via tthirstyforstyles)

losing followers because I’m posting one direction pics. sorry im excited still about the concert that happened 3 days ago, my bad, sorry I am passionate about a band, that’s my bad, sorry i dont post fitness stuff 24/7 I sincerely apologize.


I just want to lose weight and go to school for music for 2 reasons

lose weight because then zayn will think im hot

play saxophone because then ill be in beyonces band and become friends with all of one direction

i just want zayn to fuck me in a bathroom stall at a nightclub and then text me the next day

is that too much to ask?

I don’t think so.


in check.