Interviewer: When you’re going on tour you could blend more where you’re in Denver if you talk like a local: “Good morning. I would like an ice cold coffee.”

First Louis followed by Zayn and finally Liam.

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Gonna make dis my new icon pic! Purple hair and bangs!


a thin girl sings a song about how sexy she is, about how men always want her, about how men find her body sexy, and y’all are like “YAAAS!! QUEEN!! SLAY!!!! THIS SONG MAKES ME FEEL SO GOOD!!!”

but a fat girl sings “boys think fat bodies are sexy” and y’all are all like “Whoa. whoa. This is really heteronormative and is all about male gaze! Why can’t you be confident without relying on men? This is the opposite of body-positive! I dont like this at all!”


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